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Want a custom build just for you?

Want to show your personality with some flare and style but don't have the skills, time, or creativity to make your own? Let one of the Untold Creators take you on a journey.

We will ask questions to try and zone in on what style will best suit you as well as what spec is required then show you a bunch of options!

Have a look at a few below and what promoted the build's style and aesthetics. 

Hulk Untold Gaming PC

I want a green PC to match my obsession with the super hero Hulk.

Ive seen a few streamers with this style of PC but i want to make it my own with ring light fans and a white/black theme.

Streamer Untold Gaming PC
Anime Untold Gaming PC

Our Daughter loves the anime singer Hatsune Miku and would like a white PC themed around this.

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